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Hi! I'm the ever elusive flute_player.[Unknown LJ tag] I feel it is right as one of the new co-mods to get this community started again, so here goes. This cap of Ronon is from the season three episode Sateda:

With the way he's bent down and the expression on his face doesn't he look like he's trying to push out a monsterous fart or something?

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Hello, this is scifinut and flute_player making our greetings as new mods for the community! flute_player and I are roommates, and we are excited to be new mods. Neither of us has much experience, but let's get this community back into active posting mode, huh? There's plenty of dirty screencaps out there just waiting to be captioned and posted.
Calvin on ground

New cap to caption...

It's been a while since anyone's posted.

I have a cap I love from Critical Mass but I really suck at captioning.

Any ideas? Ronon looks so serene and great but John has a such a woobie expression, almost akin to Rodney's usual one!

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Aurora Silliness

Sorry that I've been away for so long, guys, but I was having some RL trouble. Here's some "Aurora" silliness for ya. Sorry about the lame caption, but I'm feeling kinda sick today.

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