SGA Screencaps & Captions for the Dirty-Minded

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Welcome to sga_squeecaps, the Stargate Atlantis Screencaps & Captions Community for the Dirty-Minded. Have you got a screencap that looks decidedly perverse out (or even in) context? Do you love to add twisted captions to screencaps? If so, this is a place for you.

1. Please put your screencap behind a cut if it is from a Season Two episode. The cut text can be a caption for that screencap.
2. One cap per member per day. (Unless it's a screencap story.)
3. The comm is both slash & het friendly.
4. Please make sure that the screencap is made by you, or you have the permission of the person who made it. There are some free screencap programs out there, and you can make screencaps with Windows Movie Maker.